How to Find the Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

You know that one style doesn’t fit all when it comes to hairstyles, and it’s easy to fall in love with a look you spy online, on TV, or while out and about. But how do you decide what to do with your hair when you want to switch things up?

Some women consider their hair type, and others the length, and many just do whatever they want. Liberate yourself! However, stylists can offer great insight into flattering ‘dos that can accentuate your natural beauty and features, and complement your face shape.

UK show This Morning welcomed special guest and hairstylist Leo Bancroft to demonstrate how to find the right styles for your face shape. Some styles help to balance out strong features like square jawlines, while others highlight youthfulness. With five common structures on the board, Leo starts out with the heart shape.

Heart-shaped Faces

With heart faces, the head is wider at the top and comes to a point at the chin. Bangs, top knots, and cuts that bring hair right below the jaw are flattering. Hair that drapes around or below the chin helps to fill in the area around it.

Square Shapes

Next, for square-shaped faces, fringe bangs and bobs will add to the strong facial angles. But having length and layers will actually soften the sharp features.

Round Faces

Leo continues with round faces, which he calls youthful! He suggests staying away from circular coifs on top of the head, and instead going for side-swept bangs or cuts with longer lengths around the chin.

Long Faces

Features of a long face are not as wide as an oval, but narrower at the chin. Leo recommends fringe bangs again, which will help to make the face appear wider. A long flat style will add length to the face, so instead you should opt for something with layers, waves, or curls, which can soften angles and give shape to the hair.

Oval Faces

Lastly, Leo says that oval shaped faces are considered balanced and versatile, so finding a suitable hairstyle that is flattering is fairly easy. One of things Leo points out is that you should decide if you want to emphasize your facial structure or balance it out by neutralizing some of its sharper points. This can help you determine which hairstyles will soften your face, give you more definition, or fill in angles.

Learn how to discover your face shape by watching the video and doing a step-by-step mirror trick to help you narrow down which one is you. You can also check out Leo’s beautiful makeovers for three women who have defined their facial structures. He explains how to balance or emphasize your face’s shape with different styling techniques.

While no two faces are the same, with these tips you can find what works best for you and flatter yourself with a new ‘do! Have you ever studied your face shape in the mirror before? Would you try adjusting your hairstyle according to your facial shape? Or will you just pick what you like and tell your stylist to go for it? Share with us in the comments!