3 Unique Ways to Use Hairspray in Your Life

Though its rep has since toned down, back in the ‘80s tons of hairspray was used to achieve teased or mountainous hair masterpieces. The bangs. The beehives. The glorious bouffant. Oh, what one could do with a full can of Aqua Net.

If you don’t have a can handy in this millennium, that could change after seeing this. Hairspray isn’t just for striking a hair pose anymore— it’s great for life hacking! Celeb stylist David O’Brien shares a few hairspray hacks to stick it to your wardrobe issues.

Behold the wonders of hairspray! Check out a few of the clever uses for everyone’s favorite frizz-fighting product below.

Static Busting

How annoying is it to have your skirt get bunched around your thighs because of the electricity on your tights? Or how about rocking Mrs. Frankenstein’s ‘do after putting a shirt on? Even though your kids probably think it’s hilarious, it’s not a good look at all.

We’re all used to either riding static electricity out and hoping not to zapped, or using a ready-made anti-cling spray. As David demonstrates, the standard static-stopping spray is awesome, but when there’s none on deck, use hairspray. Just spritz it on the inside and outside of your garment in a light mist to banish static cling.

Stain Remover

Make a makeup faux pas on your clothes disappear through the magic mist of hairspray. Sure, your foundation didn’t dry and now your favorite tee is messed up. Perhaps you spilled a chunk of eyeshadow on your dress. The horror! But never fret; you can make the stain fade away.

Don’t get caught looking sloppy – or scandalous – because you’ve got a lipstick smudge on your shirt collar. David says to squirt a bit of hairspray onto a cloth and blot it onto the stain. Kiss your kiss imprints goodbye! Others also note that saturating the stain and letting it sit for a few minutes before laundering is very effective.

For another tip on how to use hairspray in your daily life, watch the video below. Why buy separate products for each problem when you can have one that addresses a few? The only caveat we’d add here is to save the good, expensive stuff for your locks and use a low-cost version for everything else.

Word on the web is that the cheaper the spray, the better it works for life hacks, though you may find through trial and error which brand works best. Pick up a small bottle to keep in your desk, purse, or car for emergencies, whether they’re hair related or not.

Now you have a reason to use hairspray even if you’re not a fan of vintage hairdos. In the interest of safety, be sure to use it in a well ventilated area and away from flames. The only thing you want to be on fire is your look!

Do you keep hairspray around for more than taming your mane? What other uses do you know of for this versatile product? Tell us in the comments!