This Stylist Was Sick of Wearing Extensions to Hide Her Natural Hair, So She Got an Incredible Makeover

You wouldn’t take a car to a mechanic who had never driven. You’d probably hesitate to trust a doctor who was visibly and obviously unhealthy. And we think it’s fair to say that you’d prefer to buy treats from a baker who looked like they indulged and enjoyed at least every once in awhile.

When we pay for and receive a service, we all obviously want to feel confident in the person providing it, and most of the confidence comes from being able to believe, sometimes with just a glance, that he or she has all of the necessary experience and expertise. You want to feel, no matter how big or small the service might be, that you’re placing your possessions – or even yourself! – in safe, competent hands.

We don’t suggest or support the practice of judging a book by its cover, of course, but sometimes the evidence of somebody’s skill is right there for potential customers to see. A prime example? Beauty technicians! Whether you’re going for a haircut or a mani-pedi, you’re most likely looking at how your potential stylist takes care of herself. It’s only fair and sensible, right?

So tell us— what would you think if you want to get your hair done, and your stylist looked like this?

Now, let’s be clear: the woman in this photo, Natalie, is beautiful! We especially love her bright eyes and happy smile. But take a closer look at her hair. Yup, those are extensions— and not particularly healthy ones, at that!

Natalie works at the salon reVamp! salonspa in Minneapolis, home to The Makeover Guy himself, Christopher Hopkins. The salon specializes in makeovers, and that includes employees like Natalie! After all, if somebody comes into the salon looking for a new, fabulous look, she needs to trust that everybody there knows what they’re doing.

In the description for the video of Natalie’s makeover, The Makeover Guy explains why the otherwise lovely Natalie needed a fresh take on her hair:

It is the rare reVamp! employee who doesn’t undergo some sort of image transition. Natalie is very talented but her first impression might not have convinced a new client of that.

We’re pretty impressed she gave up her extensions to start the process of healthy hair that she can grow out without the need to clip someone else’s hair into hers.

She’s definitely starting out on the right foot! (and we know she’ll have many more looks as time goes on).

So why did it take so long for Natalie to give up the fake extensions and embrace her natural hair? Well, as it turns out, she prefers a feminine look she can really play with and style, and regretted a short haircut that she felt made her look too masculine. We can see why she’d be nervous to give up the length, but the result of this makeover show why she had nothing to worry about!

Watch the video from the Makeover Guy to see what Natalie looks like now!

Gorgeous, right? As Hopkins says in the video, it’s even easier to pay attention to Natalie’s beautiful face now that she’s not hiding behind fake hair.

What do you think of Natalie’s transformation? Have you ever tried to “fix” a too-short haircut with extensions before? Has the appearance of a stylist made you nervous to trust her before? Share your own experiences and thoughts with us!