13 Clever Hacks That Will Make Your Next Picnic So Much Better

Emily Norris

When the weather is nice, we love the idea of eating outside; however, it doesn’t always seem practical. Sometimes the idea of a picnic isn’t as nice as the reality. Bugs invade our space, or the cups spill when we set them on the ground. Yet, the next year, when the weather is nice again, we find ourselves daydreaming about picnics. There must be an easier way, right?

Yes, actually. Right. There are many great picnic hacks that can take a picnic from messy and frustrating to fancy and bug-free. These hacks aren’t hard to do. They make packing a picnic quick and easy.

If ants and bees usually invade your picnic, there’s a hack for that. If you can’t figure out how to easily transport hot food, there’s another hack for that. There’s seriously an easy hack for every picnic mishap.

Emily Norris is a pro at packing picnics for her family. She knows how to make sandwiches look fancy, and she knows how to easily turn any blanket into a picnic blanket. She also knows how to plan ahead to avoid bugs and keep dirty hands from touching the food she packs. Watch the video below to see all these hacks for yourself. You might want to take notes. For example, you’ll learn why you should always bring shower caps and muffin tins on your picnic.

Some of our favorite hacks in this video included using shower caps to keep bugs off our plates and bringing hot dogs in a Thermos full of boiling water. We’re not the only ones who love these hacks. One viewer commented, “We use the Thermos one all the time, works great and the kids find it cool.”

Another viewer wrote, “Oh my! Never seen or heard of the shower cap hack. Amazing! Thanks for sharing.”

What was your favorite picnic hack from this video? What do you usually pack for a picnic? Are you going to try any of these hacks on your next picnic?