TikTok of a Guy Helping a Girl Out of a Creepy Moment Goes Viral

thebrandonrobert via Instagram, thebrandonrobert via TikTok

If you’re a woman, you probably have some experience dealing with creeps. You’ve probably been taught how to stay safe, like by walking with your keys in your hand and not making eye contact with anyone who seems creepy. Unfortunately, somethings what we really need is for someone to step in and help.

This is where we call on the good guys. It’s not to say that a man needs to rescue a woman, but depending on the situation, a good guy intervening really can make all the difference.

TikTok user thebrandonrobert was in the mall when he noticed a creep talking to a girl who looked like she was about 19-years-old. He observed the conversation for awhile and could tell that the girl was frightened and uncomfortable.

He made eye contact with the young lady several times before walking over to her. He pretended like he knew her saying, “Oh my god, hi!” Thankfully, she went along with it and pretended like she knew him too. She immediately responded back, “Oh my god, hi!”

Then he came up with an excuse to get the girl away from the creep. He said, “You wanna…my aunt is here…you wanna…” Without missing a beat, she asked, “Aunt Claire?”

The two walked away from the creep, and she quietly thanked him for helping her. He asked her if she was okay and walked her to her car.

thebrandonrobert recorded his interaction with the 19-year-old and posted it on TikTok.

@thebrandonrobertShe was so thankful 🥺🥺♬ original sound – Brandon Robert

This TikTok has already been viewed more than 39 million times.

In the comments, many people are thanking him for helping this young lady and calling for more men to step up and help women when they see them in potentially dangerous situations. One comment reads, “Guy PLEASE do this. It rly does help cuz unfortunately these men will only leave a girl alone when another man comes.”

Other TikTok users want “Aunt Claire” to become the new code for needing help getting away from a creep. One viewer asked, “Can aunt Claire be the universal code now?”

Have you ever found yourself trying to escape from a creep? Do you think “Aunt Claire” should be the new code? If you’re a man, have you ever pretended to know someone to rescue them from a dangerous situation?