Guy Gets Roasted on Reddit After Confessing to Switching Out Girlfriend’s $32 Shampoo

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It’s no surprise that women and men are very different. While one might go out and spend over $30 on haircare products, the other might argue that’s a frivolous purchase (we won’t say which is which).

In all seriousness, sometimes men just can’t understand why the woman they’re dating would spend so much on certain products that they normally wouldn’t. Case in point: One anonymous man who shared his woes on Reddit.

He explained how he was confused about his girlfriend’s custom $32 shampoo. “I think that is such a waste of money and told her that,” the man wrote in a Reddit post. “I’ve used the stuff and it isn’t any different from any other shampoo. I feel like she’s being scammed and is just wasting her money on vanity.”

She claimed it made her hair nicer and didn’t mind investing a bit into her self care—but this man just couldn’t understand why shampoo would ever be so expensive. She had to be getting scammed.

To prove his point, one day, he decided to replace the shampoo in his girlfriend’s custom bottles with a generic shampoo—“I think it’s called VO5,” he clarified.

Of course, this was a horrible idea. While she didn’t notice right away, one the man fessed up to what he did, chaos ensued.

“After she showered the other day, I told her how nice her hair looked,” th man wrote. “She responded, ‘that’s why I use my custom shampoo.’ So she proved my point! I told her what I did, and she freaked out just because I threw her stuff away and helped her save money.”

It got even worse. “She told me to leave and got really upset and said I made her feel dumb,” the man wrote. “Now she texted me that she has to reconsider if I’m emotionally mature enough for her.”

At the end, he left it open to his audience: Was he the jerk? Or was his girlfriend?

Roll call says: He is the jerk! The man got absolutely bombarded with angry comments.

“It’s not about the shampoo. You were so desperate to prove that she was being ‘dumb’ that you poured out and wasted the shampoo and conditioner, directly undermining your own point,” someone pointed out. “Are you 5 years old? What could you possibly have to gain by doing this? You destroyed something that your girlfriend enjoyed and spent her own money on just to feel superior.”

“There are people out there driving their families into massive debt to “treat themselves” your girlfriend just wants to feel pampered. If you aren’t able to respect that maybe you aren’t mature enough for her,” another wrote.

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What do you think—was this shampoo-snubbing boyfriend in the wrong?