Trader Joe’s Is Selling This Grinch-Inspired Grump Tree for Under $8

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The most festive time of the year is almost here, and some of us are ready to start decorating. If you’re ready to put away the pumpkins and get out the tinsel and mistletoe, we say, go for it. This has been an usual year, and it’s not too early for some holiday cheer.

One typical type of holiday decoration is the Christmas tree. Many trees feature ornaments, garlands and lights, but not every tree looks the same. Some are real. Some are fake. And some of the fake ones are highly unusual, like rainbow striped or missing the bottom half.

While artificial trees can be unique, and you can argue that they’re great because you’re not killing a tree, we’ve found a very unique real tree that is anything but your ordinary Christmas tree; you can even plant it.

Trader Joe’s is selling a Grump tree. This is a How the Grinch Stole Christmas inspired tree that is wrapped up in a red ribbon and leans to one side thanks to a too-heavy red ornament hanging from the top of the tree.


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The small tree comes in a 4” pot that’s covered by a red sack with a green tie, which once again give a nod to The Grinch. The tree’s small size means that it could be the perfect easy, quirky Christmas tree for a home that doesn’t have room for a full-size tree. You wouldn’t even need to decorate it! However, this tree could also be fun additional decor alongside your normal decorations.

Don’t let the relatively small size of the Grump tree fool you. This is a Cyprus tree that Trader Joe’s has packaged up for Christmas, and Cyprus trees can grow as big as 30 feet tall and 20 feet wide! If you decide to plant your Grump tree in the ground, be sure you plant it somewhere with plenty of room to grow.

Social media posts have shown pictures of the Grump tree for sale for $7.99 or $8.99 depending on the Trader Joe’s location. That sounds like a great deal for festive holiday decor that you can plant and watch grow into a beautiful tree. We might need more than one.

Are you going to add a Grump tree to your holiday decor? If so, would you plant it and let it grow into a large tree after the holiday season is over?