“Grass Pants” Optical Illusion Has the Internet Completely Stumped

Sometimes people intentionally create optical illusions, trying to see who can figure them out and how long it takes. Other times, optical illusions are created accidentally and people only notice them when they take a picture and see the confused look on others’ faces.

There are many great optical illusions, and we think this new “grass pants” illusion that was shared on Reddit is among them.

In this picture it clearly looks like someone is wearing pants made out of grass, but that is not at all what’s happening. When Reddit user Flimsy_Researcher shared the picture on Reddit, he clearly explained, “Those are not grass pants.”

Even though he explained that the pants were not made out of grass, that didn’t prevent everyone who looked at the picture from immediately seeing grass pants and wondering how to see this picture any other way.

One Reddit user wrote, “I’m staring at it for a solid minute now and still can’t. Care to help me out?”

Another person shared, “its amazing how these go from completely alien to frankly obvious.”

Look at the image below and see if you see grass pants or something else, like what’s really going on.

Did you figure it out? Don’t scroll down until you’re ready for the answer.

Some people immediately figured out the trick, but others needed assistance to see what they should have been seeing all along.

One person wrote, “I don’t know what I’m supposed to see. Just see a window and a reflection.”

That’s a really good hint. The truth is a window and a reflection not someone wearing grass pants. If you need it spelled out for you, this Reddit user gave an even clearer answer. “For those who can’t get it, the guy is standing next to a window looking in to a room of fake grass. The light outside is reflecting on the window – where he is standing it creates a silhouette and you can see inside the room where the fake grass is.”

Some Reddit users shared that they saw the reflection right away. Others explained that even though they knew what was happening they still saw grass pants.

If you’re wondering why we see a reflection of fake grass as grass pants, according to Joseph Brooks, Ph.D., it has to do with context or lack of context. He told Newsweek, “The visual system typically uses a range of contextual information and even default assumptions of what it typically encounters (e.g., I see trees at a distance more often and thus I’ll assume that this is the case) to resolve the ambiguity of the situation.” He added, “Lack of contextual information presents an ambiguity that needs to be resolved through assumptions about depth and how the scene is illuminated.”

Do you see grass pants or do you see a reflection and a window?