Grandkids Barely Recognize Grandma After Her Glam Makeover

woman before makeoverMAKEOVERGUY

Makeovers are funny things. Sometimes even imperceptible changes can do a whole for the subject’s confidence. Something as innocuous as a good eyebrow wax or a skilled blowout can have the power of transforming a person’s look and spirit.

That said, today’s makeover is definitely NOT one of those makeovers…

Nope, it’s not subtle or inconspicuous. This is one that truly makes the subject appear to be a completely different person. And, it’s not just her looks that change–the new look gives her a boost of energy that would rival that of a toddler’s!

All of you makeover-watching veterans wouldn’t be surprised to know that this transformation was performed by the man, the myth, the Makeover Guy. For those who are unfamiliar, Christopher Hopkins (better known as ‘The Makeover Guy’), is a Minneapolis-based hairstylist whose entire salon is dedicated to giving women and men stunning makeovers. Each of his clients walks in with their old look and walks out with a new ‘doo and some glowy makeup TLC.

The hairstylist is known for getting to know his clients’ personal style prior to picking up his shears. This ensures that everyone walking out of the salon feels more like “themselves” than when they walked in. This approach results in some of those aforementioned “subtle” makeovers.

But, like we said, the makeover featured in today’s video is ANYTHING but subtle!

Before we watch, let’s get some background on our beautiful subject:

The makeoveree’s, name is Kelly and she hails from one of the coldest–but most beautiful!–places in America, Michigan’s Upper Penninsula. She traveled to Hopkins’ Minneapolis salon so that her fragile and overprocessed hair could get the nourishment that it deserved.

Kelly also decided to bring several of her family members along with her to witness her style journey, including three of her adorable grandchildren. You wouldn’t believe it, but after the talented hairstylists and makeup artists put their finishing touches on the grandma, those little kids couldn’t even recognize her!

Now, we’re not just saying that as a figure of speech–when faced with their grandmother’s new look, the kiddos looked at her as if she was a total stranger. How’s that for a drastic change?!

Prior to receiving the makeover, Kelly told cameras that this makeover was “just for [her].” She also explained that her hair has been a pain point for her ever since it when from pin-straight to wavy due to aging.

What we love most about Kelly’s new look is actually her reaction to it. She goes from speechless to elated in no time flat; it’s clear that this grandma has her groove back!

Now that you know all about Kelly’s makeover journey, it’s time for you to meet her and see the amazing ‘after’ for yourself. Be sure to watch the video below!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this stunning makeover! Are you surprised by Kelly’s new look? Do you think that it suits her well? Have you ever received a dramatic makeover before?