82-Year-Old Grandma Sends Home Intruder to the Hospital

KGUN, Tucson, AZ

Do you have a home security system? These systems are pretty popular because we all want to feel safe in our own homes. No matter what city or neighborhood you live in, crime can happen. Home security systems help us monitor our homes even when we’re not home and sometimes they have a direct line to the police in the case of a break-in.

Having a home security system isn’t foolproof though. Crime can still happen, especially if the criminals are sneaky enough. For example, one teenage babysitter orchestrated a “break-in” while she was babysitting. Thankfully, the kids she was babysitting were really smart and ended up cracking the case for the police.

Case in point: you don’t have to be big and strong to crack a case or save the day. Even a child can be a hero. But, what about a senior citizen?

That brings us to today’s story. Willie Murphy is an 82-year-old woman who lives alone. The fact that she lives by herself at such an advanced age is impressive enough, but wait until you hear what she did when an intruder broke into her home.

You see, this no-nonsense senior is an award-winning bodybuilder. She lifts weights on a regular basis at her local YMCA, and some of the men at the gym who are more than twice her size say they wouldn’t want to cross her. They know how tough she is.

Still, a break-in could rattle you. Not Willie. She knows how tough she is, and we’re pretty confident that the man who broke into her home regrets it…big time!

Watch the video below to hear Willie describe just what she did when she saw an intruder in her home.


Has your home ever been broken into? What would you do if a robber broke into your home? Do you know any senior citizens who are as tough as Willie?