Here’s How You Can Apply for Government-Funded High Speed Internet Discounts

IgorTishenko via Deposit Photos

Now, more than ever, many people rely on high-speed internet in order to work and attend school. The government knows that and knows that high-speed internet can sometimes be difficult to afford. That’s why there is a new Emergency Broadband Benefit that’s designed to help families afford the internet service they need.

According to Jessica Rosenworcel, the acting chairwoman of the FCC, “High-speed internet service is vital for families to take advantage of today’s health, education and workplace opportunities.”

Anyone who qualifies can apply for the Emergency Broadband Benefit right now. If you qualify, you would get a $50 per month discount on high-speed internet and a one-time $100 to put towards a new computer or tablet. If you live on tribal land, the benefits are even better. Instead of a $50 discount on high-speed internet, the benefit is increased to $75 per month. The program is available as long as funding lasts or until 6 months after the end of the pandemic.

There are multiple ways to qualify for the program. For example, if your family’s income is at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines, if you qualify for lifeline benefits such as Medicaid, if you received a Pell grant, or if your kids receive free or reduced-price school lunches, you qualify.

In addition, if you received a significant loss of income since February 2020, you may also qualify. There are income limits though, and your income tax return would verify if you qualify. For single adults, the income limit is $99,000, and for joint tax fillers, the limit is $198,000.

If you’re not sure if you qualify, you can see a full list of ways to qualify here.

If you qualify for the benefit, you can apply here.

After you apply, be sure to use this tool to find a participating broadband internet provider in your area since not all internet providers are participating in the program.

Are you going to apply for the Emergency Broadband Benefit? Have you found that you’re more reliant on high-speed internet now than you were before the pandemic started?