Woman Who Went Viral for Putting Gorilla Glue in Her Hair Seeks Treatment at Hospital

Gorilla Glue Girl via GoFundMe

Hairspray is a wonderful thing. It’s commonly used to keep hair in place and prevent unwanted flyaways. There’s nothing wrong with that. The biggest takeaway from this story is that hairspray is not nearly the same product as Gorilla Glue spray.

Gorilla Glue is described as “heavy duty, multi-purpose, and easy to use.” The glue creates a “permanent” bond. It’s great for craft projects and repairs. It works on surfaces like wood, brick, glass, paper and plastic. Apparently, Gorilla Glue should add a warning to the product packaging that it is not recommended for hair.

Tessica Brown posted on Instagram that she usually uses hairspray in her hair to finish it off and keep it in place. She ran out of hairspray but happened to have a bottle of Gorilla Glue spray, so she decided to use that instead. It seems that she thought the spray would work about the same way as the hairspray. She clearly didn’t realize that Gorilla Glue is much, much stronger than hairspray.

When Brown posted the video on Instagram explaining why she put Gorilla Glue in her hair, she also explained that it had already been a month since she sprayed her hair with the heavy duty glue, and the glue still hadn’t come out. She was getting scared and desperate. She said that she had washed her hair at least 15 times and it still didn’t budge.


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Multiple viewers reached out to her via private messages and comments offering sympathy and suggestions of remedies to try. She shared several updates thanking everyone for reaching out and she shared that she was trying some of their suggestions.

After several days of trying home remedies, Brown decided to seek professional treatment. She posted a picture of the entrance to the emergency room at St. Bernard Parish Hospital. Then, she posted a picture of herself in a hospital room with a healthcare worker looking at her hair.

Gorilla Glue told TMZ that since the glue has been on Brown’s hair for a month, it is most “likely fractured at the root, but we certainly hope for the best.” Their best suggestion was for Brown to try saturating her hair with rubbing alcohol and then try to washing it out with shampoo. 

A GoFundMe has been set up for Brown to pay for medical expenses. In the past day, she has already raised over $9000.

Do you use hairspray in your hair? Did you know that Gorilla Glue was so powerful?