Gordon Ramsay Roasts a TikTok User Who Said the Chef Can’t Cook

If you’ve ever seen Gordon Ramsay cook, you know he’s a five-star chef. If you’ve ever heard him speak, you should that — unlike his ingredients — his words are very rarely minced. 

That didn’t stop TikTok user @hypebeast_ock from bringing the heat in a recent video, declaring the esteemed chef couldn’t hold a flame to him in the kitchen. Though the statement is laughable on its own, Ramsay couldn’t help but add an extra dash of humor in his reaction video.

The initial video shows @hypebeast_ock fumbling around the kitchen, referring to Ramsay as a “little boy” who “can’t cook for nothing.” This alone was a recipe for disaster, and the chef was eager to tear his dish apart, as he’s famously done for years on Hell’s Kitchen.

“All right, big boy — I can’t cook for nothing,” Ramsay says, in his trademark sarcastic tone. “Show me what you’ve got.”

It isn’t long before it all goes up in smoke for @hypebeast_ock, who starts by poking holes in a piece of lamb, then stuffing them with whole cloves of garlic. “Make too big of holes, you’ll dry the lamb out, you donut,” Ramsay quipped.

Donut? We’ve not heard this insult before, but we’re here for it.

Ramsay went on to question why the TikTok user was using whole cloves of garlic, but he soon became distracted by the next catastrophe coating the lamb in olive oil. This move made Ramsay want to throw in the towel, as he attacked the home chef for using olive oil on a piece of meat that has enough fat on its own.

C’mon, donut.

Then, in a move that could only have been made to ensure his dinner guests had the worst breath imaginable upon finishing the meal, @hypebeast_ock places more cloves of garlic alongside unpeeled onions to complete his entree.

While most of Ramsay’s rebuttals were legit, we must question his take on aluminum foil, which had the comments imploding faster than the disastrous dish. Ramsay told Chef Donut he was using the “wrong side” of the foil to cover the lamb, but unless it’s non-stick foil, you can pop that baby in shiny or matte side up. Anyhow, we digress.

To finish the cooking lesson from hell, @hypebeast_ock instructed his viewers to “let the lamb relax” after taking it out of the oven. Ramsay, however, suggested the wannabe chef to do just the opposite as he pleaded for him to “wake up.”

Accolades be damned, the TikTok user continued to denounce the chef, declaring himself to be the “best chef in the world and all of the galaxies.” Will that title fit on his business card? 

Needless to say, we don’t think Ramsay will be serving up any of @hypebeast_ock’s specials in his restaurants. Donuts, anyone? 


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