Gordon Ramsay Offers Couple Free Meal After He “Ruined Their Wedding” By Filming on Location

gordonramsaysubmissions via Flickr

Planning a wedding can be quite exciting and quite stressful. There are a lot of decision to make, like when to get married and where to have the ceremony. Once those decisions are made, then the real planning begins, like which invitations to order, what dress to wear, which flowers to choose, and where everyone is going to sit.

One couple planned a beautiful wedding at the Lusty Glaze resort in Cornwall, England. We’re sure it took a lot of planning and that as the day approached the excitement grew; however, as often happens with weddings, sometimes something happens that nobody expects. Sometimes it’s a poorly worded toast by the best man. Other times, the bride never shows up.

Charlie Willis and his wife Lauren certainly never expected Gordon Ramsey to be the one to ruin their wedding day. They claim that their beautiful beach wedding was ruined because Ramsey and his crew chose the same day and location to film an episode of the show “Future Food Stars.”

In the upcoming show, 12 British chefs compete to impress the celebrity chef. According to Willis, Ramsey and the contestants were in the resort’s kitchen while the kitchen staff was preparing the food for their wedding, and they did not approve of the food that was being served to the wedding guests.

It seems that Ramsey was completely unaware that his presence at the resort and in the kitchen was in any way interfering with a wedding, but when he found out about it, he decided to make it right. Studio Ramsay paid for the entire cost of the wedding, and Ramsay offered the newlyweds a free meal at his restaurant Savoy Grill. On Twitter he wrote, “Must’ve missed the part where my crew and I ruined the wedding…..Congrats on a beautiful marriage….if you fancy a night at @savoygrill it’s on me…I’ll try to not ruin it.”

According to The Lusty Glaze resort, the wedding party did not have exclusive access to the beach, so technically Ramsay and his crew had every right to be there at the same time as the wedding. It’s still a nice gesture of Ramsay to offer the couple a free meal and for Studio Ramsay to pay for the wedding.

How would you react if Gordon Ramsay was filming at the same place where you were attending a wedding? Do you think the couple was right to say that the show ruined the wedding?