Frugalista Shares Her Best Tips for Shopping at Goodwill

Even if you have gazillions in the bank, we bet that you still like to take advantage of a good deal! That’s why we think that shopping consignment or “thrifting,” as the cool kids call it, can be such a satisfying experience. So, today we’re going to share with you the best tips for snagging the discounted items of your dreams. Get ready to save some dough and have a lot of fun!

Our guide through this thrift store shopping spree is none other than YouTuber Collin with Hip2Save, a channel that focuses on all things frugal. Today she takes us on a tour of her local Goodwill store where she shows us how to find the best deals on the hottest items. Here are some of her most useful tips.

  1. Pay attention to color of the tags

    Now, we all know that making the decision to shop at Goodwill is a surefire way to protect your money, but did you know that you may not be maximizing your savings? Here’s why . . .

    You may not have ever noticed this, but the tags on each Goodwill item differ in color. For instance, some are blue, yellow, red, etc. Once you’ve identified the color, take a look around you, and make note of the sale signs located either on the walls or racks.

    When Collin visited the store, every item that had a pink tag was 50% off! These pieces can run the gamut from clothing to home goods, and even office supplies. Keep this in mind so that you can load up on even more cheap, quality stuff!

  2. Give Santa a run for his money

    One of the downsides of consignment shopping is that it can be overwhelming. There is always a lot to look at and, unfortunately, not every store is as well-organized as the one that Collin profiles. Nonetheless, it’s important to stay focused and remember to explore what’s offered to you. You know, the important things, like TOYS!

    Our host shows us that this particular Goodwill has a ton of lightly used toys in stock that are, amazingly, still being sold at their max retail prices in the big box stores. Sure, you’re not going to end up with original packaging, but whose kid cares about that box anyways?

  3. Stock up on office supplies

    You wouldn’t believe it, but most thrift stores take all sorts of donations, even office supplies. Since we all know how expensive those staplers can be, we definitely suggest that you take advantage of this section.

    I’m sure you’re thinking that these shelves are filled with outdated printers and ancient crayon sets, but all of these items are either new in their original packaging or are in GREAT condition!

    If you’re looking to earn a return on your already economical shopping spree, our host points out that you can purchase some of these supplies to “build your own coupon binder on the cheap.” She’s always thinking!

The brilliant tricks don’t stop there! To learn about even more ways to save money at thrift shops, as well as some insights on the inner workings of Goodwill, be sure to click on Hip2Save’s video below. Happy thrifting!

What do you think of Collin’s pennywise shopping technique? What is your all-time favorite thrift store? Do you have a special strategy when it comes to thrifting? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!