Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell Say the Secret to Their 37-Year Romance Is That There Is No Secret

During awards season, stars are often asked two major questions: who they’re wearing, and who they’re dating. In Hollywood, it’s no secret celebrities switch out their real-life partners almost as frequently as their on-screen love interests. Apparently, the endless sea of beautiful stars can be tough to resist.

Such is not the case for power couple Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, who have been together for a whopping 37 years. The A-list duo sat down with Tracy Smith on “CBS Sunday Morning” to discuss their relationship, and whether they have a secret to breaking the Hollywood curse.

(Hint: the answer may surprise you.)

The pair first met while filming “The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band” in the 1960s, but no sparks flew at the time — namely because of their age difference. Hawn, 74, is five years Russell’s senior. Though insignificant now, it’s quite a gap when you’re 20, and your co-star is only 15. 

“He was way too young for me,” recalls Hawn. “I was used to dating older guys.”

Russell agreed, adding, “I didn’t even have a car.”

As such, the two went their separate ways, beginning romances (and eventually marriages) of their own. In 1976, Hawn married musician Bill Hudson, with whom she had two children — Oliver and Kate. Russell married actress Season Hubley, and the two had a son, Boston. 

Despite their respective marriages, fate would bring the pair back together once again in the 1980s. Prior to reuniting on the set of the “Swing Shift”, Russell and Hawn had both recently divorced. Looking back, Russell expresses some surprise at Hawn’s mutual interest, as he indicated he was not in a great place to start a new relationship at that point.

“When I met Goldie, I was at a time in my life where I was definitely gonna put my worst foot forward when it came to any kind of relationship,” Russell acknowledged. “I put my worst foot forward, and if you can handle that, then maybe there’s a chance of some reality there of us being together.”

Hawn was quick to disagree, adding with a laugh, “If you’d done that with me, I wouldn’t be with you today.”

Fresh off their divorces, the pair embraced the chemistry between them, and have been together since Valentine’s Day of 1983. While their relationship defies Hollywood odds, they insist there is no secret to the longevity of their romance, nor is there a handbook they reference to keep their love alive. Instead, they say, it all comes down to one simple fact: they enjoy each other’s company.

“There’s no secret,” they both told Smith. Hawn went on to add, “For me, anyway, and it’s that you both want to be together. I mean, you’ve got to want to be together.”

The couple lives in Los Angeles, and while they share a son together, they’ve made a decision not to marry. Whatever they’re doing, it seems to be working, right? Cheers to 37 years!