This Latest Puzzle Has Us Searching for the Tiny Goldfish Swimming Among the Clownfish

Gergely Dudás

Fish are some of the most common aquatic animals living in fresh and salt waters. Specifically, a goldfish is a freshwater fish, and a clownfish is a saltwater fish. Goldfish are the ones you typically keep for a pet, and clown fish are found in the ocean. They both look a lot alike—they boast a bright orange color—but the clownfish has distinctive white bars on its body (think Finding Nemo!).

One famous illustrator created an image with dozens of clownfish swimming all over. His name is Gergely Dudás, aka Dudlof, and e is most known for his hide and seek style of work. He essentially specializes in making images of random objects, animals, you name its—and then throws one hidden one in the mix and tells you to find it.

He’s created tons of puzzles that have stumped the daylights out of us, whether it be finding a soccer ball among the panda bears, a heart among a herd of elephants, or a butterfly among the sunflowers.

In his most recent optical illusion, the one hidden one is a—you guessed it—goldfish. Dudlof hid a teeny, tiny goldfish among the rest of these fish that look a lot like it, so it’s hard to spot at first glance. Check it out below:

Dudlof as also hidden tons of other things you might find under the sea into the photo. There’s seaweed and leaves, coral and reefs. There’s even a seahorse trying to make his way out of he sea of clownfish.

The clownfish are all pretty cute—some are happy, and smiling at each other. We even imagine some of them with their mouths open are laughing. Some are angry with each other, some are in love, and some are just simply minding their own business.

You might get so caught up with the clownfish that you’ll forget what you’re even looking for—which is that tiny goldfish. Key word: Tiny! Not only does he blend in with his clownfish counterparts, he’s also less than half the size of them too, making him extra hard to spot.

Take a look at the photo below to see if you can spot the goldfish! And if you can’t? He has a “solutions” page so you can find the right answer right at your finger tips. Check it out!

How long did it take you to find the tiny goldfish swimming among the clownfish? Did you have to look at the solutions page or did you find it all on your own?