Woman Shares Her Goals for 2020 That She Made in December 2019, And It Obviously Goes Viral


December 2019 and January 2020 probably looked very different to you—and no, we’re not just talking about the difference in the year.

In December of last year, the words “coronavirus” or “COVID-19” were not known. In fact, it wasn’t until January of 2020 that the first cases were discovered in China, before making its way to the U.S. in February, and bringing on an entire pandemic in March…which we’re still in.

Some of us may even have a hard time remembering what life was even like before the COVID-19 pandemic. We could hug. Face masks weren’t required. And people, of course, weren’t dying of this terrible virus. What was that even LIKE?

It’s almost like everyone was just really naive back then. One woman named Robyn recently found a list of goals she had written in December for the 2020 new year. And, well, you just gotta laugh at them—as she did.

In a recent one-minute video that went viral, Robyn pours herself a large glass of wine to read the “goals” she had in mind prior to the pandemic out loud. And she’s completely beside herself.

We do have to say, the goals that might once have been completely normal seem a bit ambitious in these times. Literally, none of the goals can actually be accomplished now.

The first goal? “Make more money.” We know that the unemployment rate skyrocketed when the pandemic began, and Robyn, too, was also let go from her job in March. In fact, Robyn says she’s still unemployed months later, but she still has to laugh at the irony.

The second goal: “Travel more.” Er, with all of the restrictions and guidelines in place for traveling, it would be a heck of a thing to take MORE trips in 2020 than ever before. Robyn also finds this to be hilarious.

The third goal she wrote for herself is “lose weight,” in which she points to herself to imply she hasn’t done that either. And who could blame her? We’re all baking just banana bread and other unhealthy treats during quarantine—not exactly focusing on our health!

Robyn continues to laugh as she goes through the rest of her goals list—and we have to admit, they ARE pretty funny, even if it’s totally not funny at all at the same time. Hey, we all just have to laugh at a time like this, right?

Check out the entire video below, which she appropriately titles, “When your 2020 goal list is trolling you!!” and just TRY to stifle a laugh.

Tell us: What goals did you have for the beginning of the year that are completely shot now?