Go Sockless Without Fear of Foot Odor With This New Footwear

There’s something freeing about wearing shoes without socks—the feeling of your bare foot in the shoe, no worries about the sock falling off or sliding down, best of all: no sock lint in between your toes.

However, one of the worst parts of not wearing socks is the stinky odor that might occur. We all have odor-causing bacteria that live on our feet and spread to the insides of our shoes. And typically, when we go sans socks, the bacteria are all over it because they thrive in sweat and dead skin. Without a sock to protect the shoe, your feet are going to be the stinkiest on the block.

But you can’t wear socks with flats or heels, can you? So how do you eliminate odors when you’re wearing those? Weirdly, no one has come up with a solution to this yet—until now.

Introducing a new, awesome technology called Gekks, a no-show “sock” (which is barely even an actual sock) because it allows you to go sockless without having fear of foot odor—or as the company calls it: FOFO. The product is about to change how you wear your shoes for life.

Known as “the most innovative no show sock,” Gekks can slip right into yourshoes and are the perfect solution to getting away with no wearing socks.

Sure, it’s still technically called a sock, but you don’t even feel like anything is there. It protects your feet from the stench, without the annoyances of having a sock on your foot.

How does it work? Gekks uses a ton of innovative features to help avoid stinky feet. These include:

  • A super thin fastener that connects the ‘sock’ to the inside of your shoe
  • A special silver coated anti-microbial yarn used by NASA that’s known to eliminate odor that comes from sweat. Besides your foot, it also keeps your shoe smelling fresher and helps with temperature regulation
  • Other materials used are polyester and nylon to make Gekks ultra comfortable
  • Moisture-wicking fibers that help reduce moisture from your foot, keeping you sweat free (and thus, stink free)
  • An adhesive pads with two layers to make wear last as long as possible
  • An interior heel, sole, and tongue lining so none of the sock actually shows

Available for both men and women, Gekks offers all kinds of their product for all types of shoes—sneakers, flats, heels, loafers, slip-ons, ballet shoes, etc.

The company currently has more than 3,000 reviews of people raving about how great Gekks are.

“They are super comfortable, easy to put in, and my feet stay dry all day, even in 80 degree weather. I will definitely be getting more,” one customer wrote.

“They have not smelled since getting them a few weeks ago!” another person wrote.

We’re pretty excited about never having to deal with stinky, slippery socks again. What about you— do you have a problem with stinky feet? Do you plan on purchasing some Gekks? What’s your go-to way to keep foot odor at bay?