Shop Owner Installs a Glass Ceiling For His Cats and Now It’s Their Favorite Spot

@SCMcrocodile via Twitter

Usually when you walk into a store you expect certain things to be, well, normal. For example, you expect the ceiling to be a solid material that is not see-through, and you expect the same of the floor.

One shop owner in Taiwan thought he would mix things up a little. He replaced several ceiling tiles with glass. At first, this might seem odd. Why would he want customers to be able to see into the attic above his shop?

It’s not so much that he wants people to be able to see into the attic. It’s more that he wants what’s in the attic to be able to see into the shop below.

The shop owner has several cats who hang out in the attic while he is at work. The glass ceiling tiles give the cats the best view possible of his store.

If you know anything about cats, you probably know that they are very curious and very observant. They often like to perch on windowsills or bookshelves, basically anywhere that gives them a great view of whatever is going on. The glass ceiling tiles give the cats an amazing view, and they seem to love it, hanging out there pretty much all the time.

The cats also offer some surprising entertainment for anyone who comes into the shop. We know we would be surprised to look up and see a cat’s belly above our heads. After the initial shock, we would probably be inclined to stop for a minute and watch them watching us. It’s definitely a great surveillance system having cats monitoring the store. 

A friend of the shop owner posted a couple pictures of the cats on Twitter, and the tweet has now gotten over 69,000 retweets.

Some Twitter users have commented about how much they love this glass ceiling for the cats.

Other Twitter users have pointed out that these cats are the new ceiling cat. Do you remember ceiling cat? We’re referring to a popular meme from the early 2000s of a cat that appeared to be peaking through a hole in the ceiling watching everything below. One comment reads “ceiling cat had kittens.”

Do you think installing a glass ceiling in this shop for the cats was a good idea? How would you react if you walked inside and saw cats looking down at your watching your every move?