Mom Says She Felt Like She Was ‘Hit by Two Tractor-Trailers’ After Giving Birth to 15-Pound Baby

The average baby weighs approximately 7.5 pounds when he or she is born. This is an average, and it definitely varies from baby to baby. Boys tend to weigh slightly more than girls, and first born children often weigh a little bit less than the siblings born after them.

Childbirth is often not an easy or pain-free process, but that varies from woman to woman as well. In some cases, women float through childbirth without any pain medication and no complications. In other cases, women are heavily medicated and end up having an emergency c-section to remove the baby.

Joy Buckley’s story is definitely not average. It started with infertility, but thankfully it didn’t end there.

Buckley always wanted to be a mom and to have children of her own, but doctors only gave her a 15% chance of being able to conceive a child of her own. Eventually, she and her husband decided to adopt, but then something miraculous happened. She ended up having not one but two biological children.

Buckley’s first biological child, a boy, weighed 11 pounds at birth. That’s quite a bit larger than average, but Buckley was about to experience something a lot more intense than that. Her second child, a girl, was born weighing 4 pounds more than her little brother. That’s 15 pounds! Actually, she weighed 15 pounds 5 ounces.

Watch the video below to hear more about Buckley’s story and to hear how her baby girl is doing now.

Buckley told the New York Post that when she gave birth to her baby, “I felt like I was hit by two tractor-trailers.” She added, “It was pretty violent. She got stuck under my ribcage.”

Buckley gave birth to her daughter via c-section, and it took three doctors and the assistance of a medical vacuum to remove the 15-pound baby.

Buckley is well on the road to recovery. She is able to walk and feels much better. She just looks forward to the day she gets to bring her new baby home.

If you have children, how much did they weigh when they were born? Do you think Buckley’s story will help others struggling with infertility to choose not to give up?