Dad Sends These Hilarious Pictures to Girlfriend Whenever She Asks If the Baby Is Ok

onadventurewithdad via Instagram

We love parents who have a sense of humor about parenting. Let’s face it: parenting is difficult, and laughing about it is essential.

Some parents have gotten pretty creative with Photoshop. For example, one dad used Photoshop to make it look like his baby was doing extremely manly activities. Another dad used Photoshop to purposely try to scare his relatives. He modified pictures of his daughter to make it look like she was in danger.

Now, another dad is getting in on the Photoshop action. When Kenny Deuss’s girlfriend left him in charge of their son, she would often ask him how the baby was doing. He came up with a unique way to respond.  He decided to send her a photo that would make her do a double take. Now, he posts the photos to Instagram for the whole world to enjoy.

As Deuss mentions on Instagram, “No children were in any danger.” Scroll down to see the kinds of photos Deuss likes to send his girlfriend of their baby.

  1. Thanksgiving

  2. Driving Lessons

  3. Don’t Look Down

  4. Getting on That To-Do List

  5. Working Hard

  6. Cheers!

  7. Skateboarding

  8. Laundry

  9. Where Are We?

  10. Can Someone Get Me Down?

  11. Cooking

  12. On Sale

  13. Who Needs a Playpen?

  14. “On TV”

  15. How We Get Toilet Paper