4-Year-Old Girl Who’d Been Missing Since 2019 Found Alive Hidden Under Stairs in NYC

CBS New York via YouTube

Two years ago, when she was just four years old, Paislee Shultis had gone missing. It’s been a long two years, but in a miraculous turn of events, Paislee was recently found, alive, hiding under a staircase in a home in Saugerties, New York. She is now six years old.

After receiving an anonymous tip about where she might be, officers at the Saugerties Police Department visited the home they believed Paislee was in. They searched for about an hour in a makeshift room and she was eventually found where she was living under a staircase leading to the basement. Detective Erik Thiele was the one who noticed a blanket between the steps of the staircase, eventually leading him to Paislee.

“Detectives used a … tool to remove several of the wooden steps, and that is when detectives saw a pair of tiny feet,” police said in a statement. “After removing several more steps, the child and her abductor were discovered within.”

The space she was found in was described as “small, cold, and wet.” Thankfully, Paislee seemed to be in decent health and was finally returned to her legal guardian two years after she went missing.


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Paislee first went missing in Cayuga Heights (about 160 miles west of Saugerties) in July of 2019. Authorities had reason to believe that she was taken by her non-custodial parents.

When she was finally discovered, it was indeed found to be true: Her abductor was Kimberly Cooper, where she lived with Kirk Shultis, Jr. (the girl’s non-custodial father) and Kirk Shultis, Sr. (Shultis,’ father). All three were arrested and charged with several counts of custodial interference and child endangerment charges.

Kirk Shultis Jr. and Kirk Shultis Sr., have both been released on their own recognizance and Cooper is being held in Ulster County Jail on an outstanding Family Court warrant. Each is not allowed to come near the little girl for any reason.

This is an ongoing investigation and additional arrests are still pending. For now, you can hear more about this unbelievable case in the video below!

Can you imagine having your child go missing and two years later her being discovered? What are your thoughts on this case?