Girl in Taiwan Gets Lifted Into the Air and Swept Away By a Large Kite

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Planes can fly, birds can fly…but humans can’t fly. Or…can they? After an incident caused a 3-year-old girl to nearly float among the clouds, we’re not so sure anymore.

It was during the Hsinchu International Kite Festival, a kite-flying festival in northern Taiwan, where participants compete to fly kites higher than anyone else. A little girl was standing in the exact wrong spot when a streamer came and engulfed her into the air—literally.

It was a particularly windy day for the kite festival, but festivities went on. Participants were getting ready to launch the a “candy kite,” officially named “Joy Falls From Heaven.” It’s a large kite filled with candy, with the idea that when it’s sent into the air, candy rains down from above.

Well, unfortunately, candy wasn’t the only thing sent up with the candy kite. The little girl, identified as “Lin,” was swept hundreds of feet into the air as if she were a kite herself. Everyone who witnessed the incident of her being entangled in the fabric screamed in shock the entire time in the air.

It was a rattling few minutes. The girl was dangling by the kite, zooming through the sky in the air. No one knew whether she was going to fall or make it back down safely. She spun in circles and circles for what felt like hours before people were able to gain control of the kite and bring her back down to the ground.

Thankfully, she only came away with just a few bruises and abrasions around her face. It could have been much worse! She was admitted to a local hospital to be examined.

It was quite the scare for many people who attended the event, leading to a public apology from the mayor of Hsinchu, Lin Chih-chien.

“The city government team expresses the deepest apologies to the parties and the general public,” , he wrote on Facebook. “We will review the reasons to prevent the accident from happening again, and will also hold accountable and conduct a thorough review.”

Shie Jiun-hung, an official with the Fisheries Department, stated that that candy kites will no longer be allowed at public events. Better safe than sorry—or spun into the air!

To see the startling footage of the girl being swept off into the air like a kite, check out the video below.

Can you believe how high this girl was—and that she wasn’t too terribly injured? Have you ever seen something like this happen before?