Georgia Mom Making National Headlines for Her Impassioned Plea to Unmask Children

CBS46 Atlanta

A little over a year ago when we all started making, buying and wearing face masks, we had no idea we would be wearing them this long. While some people absolutely refuse to wear a face mask, others unhappily comply, and many, many others happily comply wanting to protect themselves and others.

One mom in Georgia has been sending her child to school wearing face masks day after day month after month. She is fed up with children being forced to wear face masks at school. Instead of silently fuming, she is speaking up, and her message has gone viral.

Courtney Taylor attended a Gwinnett County School Board meeting to share her opinion that students should not be required to wear face masks to school. She said, “Little children have to cover their noses and their mouths where they breath, for seven hours a day for a virus you know doesn’t affect them.” The mom added, “It’s time. Take these masks off of my child.”

She went on to passionately share exactly what she wants the school board to do. “End the mask requirement tonight, tonight.”

Currently in Georgia, the requirements are different depending on which school district you are in. For example, Marietta City Schools used to keep desks 6 feet apart but have moved them to 3 feet instead. Starting in mid-May, students in Fulton County will be able to take their masks off when they are outside. Yet, in Gwinnett County, the COVID-19 safety requirements have not changed at all.

Watch the video below to hear Taylor’s passionate plea to the school board for yourself and to hear what the Gwinnett County school district says would have to happen in order for them to allow students to take off the masks.

Are your children required to wear face masks at school? Do you think children should be required to wear face masks at school? Do you agree with the Gwinnett County school district that a pediatric vaccine is necessary before students remove face masks?