19 of the Most Genius Things Ever Found in a Public Restroom

ThatStinksWeAllLikePicklesAndBananas via Imgur

Public bathrooms are not really anyone’s favorite place to be, are they? When you think about how many people have been in there before you, you might start to make yourself sick. So many germs!

However, not all public restrooms are created equal. In fact, there are some people who couldn’t help but be blown away by some of the things they’ve seen inside the stall. Take a look below at some of the most genius things ever found in a public restroom!

  1. White Noise Buttons

  2. Bad Date Help

  3. Sunscreen Dispenser

  4. Free Sanitary Napkins

  5. Sinks for Shorter People

  6. Movie Theater Screens

  7. Pedals Instead of Handles

  8. A Child Holder

    Whoever invented this for when I’m taking a crap in a public restroom to hold my child in place is a genius!

  9. Lock/Item Holder

  10. An Extra Small Toilet Seat

  11. An Air Refresher Made of Wood

  12. Occupied/Vacant Lights

  13. Domestic Violence Help

  14. Emergency Alarm Cords

  15. Pet Bathroom

  16. Diaper Dispenser in the Men’s Bathroom

  17. …And Tie Instructions

  18. The Truth About Disabilities

  19. Sinks Outside the Bathroom

How amazing are these public bathroom discoveries? What’s the coolest thing you ever found in a bathroom?