15 People Share the Small But Genius Solutions They Found in Their Hotels

jmill90 via Reddit

We love to travel. It’s fun to getaway, see the world, and have new experiences. There is really something great about going on an adventure, having much needed time to relax, and enjoying room service.

This past year, we haven’t done much traveling. Honestly, we miss hotels. There’s something nice about having someone else make our bed for us and waking up knowing that the day won’t be an ordinary day.

While staying in a hotel and traveling can be a lot of fun, it can also be a little more inconvenient than being at home. We obviously can’t bring everything with us, and we have to count on the hotel to fulfill many of our needs. If you’re traveling with a child or a pet you know that there is a lot of packing to do, and narrowing down what to bring can be difficult.

Some hotels go out of their way to help guests feel at home. Other hotels have genius ways to make life easier for hotel guests. Scroll down for some great examples.

  1. Missed out camping this year, so I asked for a tent in my hotel room… from r/pics

  2. [OC] I ordered snacks from room service and they sent a Refrigerated Robot Butler to deliver them. from r/pics

  3. This checklist from a hotel from r/funny

  4. Simplistic light switches in a hotel from r/DesignPorn

  5. This hotel I’m staying at provides a phone that you can take out with you. It has unlimited mobile data as well as free calls. from r/mildlyinteresting

  6. My hostel has a bed for charging your mobile. from r/mildlyinteresting

  7. The pillows in my hotel are labeled for preferences. from r/mildlyinteresting

  8. My hotel room came with a rubber ducky for the bathtub. from r/mildlyinteresting

  9. This hotel I stayed at had one dark washcloth to prevent makeup stains. from r/mildlyinteresting

  10. This little sign under the bed in my hotel room that lets you know they’ve cleaned under there too. from r/mildlyinteresting

  11. My hotel room bathroom leaves a section of mirror that doesn’t steam up from r/mildlyinteresting

  12. Hotel door room was changed today for a wheelchair bound person with a lower peephole. from r/pics

  13. This shower head in my hotel let’s you dial in an exact temperature for the water to stay at from r/mildlyinteresting