Two Are Dead After Another Gender Reveal Stunt Gone Wrong

mcornelius via Deposit Photos

The point of a gender reveal party is for excited new parents to celebrate with their family and friends. Obviously, the main event of the party is finding out whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

Usually, the parents don’t know the gender until the reveal during the party. Sometimes this is done by cutting into a cake that is either pink or blue on the inside. Sometimes pink or blue balloons pop out of a box. These reveal ideas are harmless enough; however, some parents opt for more spectacular gender reveal ideas, and it really needs to stop.

Even the woman who came up with the idea for the gender reveal party thinks these parties have gone too far and are now dangerous instead of simply fun. She made that announcement shortly after a gender reveal party started a wildfire in California.

Yet, people are still planning gender reveal stunts that don’t always work out as planned. There have been multiple explosive devices that have killed parents to be and innocent party guests. Now, the latest gender reveal tragedy involves an airplane.

New parents planned a gender reveal party in Cancun, Mexico. The reveal stunt involved a small airplane flying over the Nichupté lagoon and emitting colorful smoke. It would be pink for a girl or blue for a boy. In this case, it was pink. 

The party guests excitedly shouted “Nina!” (Spanish for “girl”) when they saw the pink smoke. Everything was going as planned until the plane malfunctioned and crashed into the lagoon. Two people on board the plane died. One died during the crash, and the other died later, after being rescued from the water.

Watch the video below for more about this gender reveal tragedy.

Have you ever been to a gender reveal party? If so, how did the parents decide to reveal that the baby was a boy or a girl?