Family’s “Gender Reveal” For Their Adopted Daughter Is Warming Thousands of Hearts

charlettefontaine via TikTok

Gender reveal parties have not gone over well recently. Several have ended in tragedy, and even the woman who came up with the idea for a gender reveal party thinks these parties need to stop.

We agree that the over-the-top theatrics to announce whether you’re having a boy or a girl really should stop for safety reasons, but the parties can be fun if you stick to a simple reveal method like a box of balloons or cutting into a cake.

While not everyone is a fan of a gender reveal party, one family came up with a creative way to use the party idea to share some very exciting news while making fun of the gender reveal concept at the same time. How? They did a gender reveal video for their adopted daughter.

Charlette and Dan Fontaine originally thought they wanted to adopt a baby, like many people who consider adoption; however, when they were taking adoption classes, they were told that many children over the age of two are considered “unadoptable” since so many people want to adopt babies. This fact had a big impact on Charlette’s thinking and opened her up to the idea of adopting an older child.

In 2017, the couple visited Niagara Falls and decided to throw a coin into the falls. They looked at each other and said, “If there’s a kid that needs us, we’ll get a call.” They got a call less than 24 hours later about an 8-year-old girl named Bianca.

The Fontaines fostered Bianca for 4 years before they were finally able to adopt her. Now, at age 12, she is officially their daughter. Instead of simply announcing the news, the family decided to recreate the look of a gender reveal party for the occassion.

Charlette posted a video on TikTok in which she and her husband are standing facing the camera with a balloon. As you do at a gender reveal party, they popped the balloon to reveal their baby’s gender; however, in this case, the baby was their 12-year-old adopted daughter.

Shortly after the balloon pops, Bianca walks into view holding a sign that reads “It’s a girl, a 12-year-old girl!”

@charlettefontaineAdoption Day!! We finally got to adoption our beautiful foster daughter after 1240days in care! ##adoption ##newmom ##itsagirl🎀♬ original sound – Charlette Fontaine

TikTok users are loving this heartwarming video. One viewer wrote, “This is the only gender reveal I want to see. Excellent. So wholesome.”

Another comment reads, “THIS IS THE BEST! I will only accept these kind of gender reveals from now on! Happy Family Birthday!”

What do you think of this adoption gender reveal party? Have you ever had or gone to a gender reveal party?