‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Dealing With Extreme Grief

Paula R. Lively

Actor Hafþór “Thor” Björnsson could be celebrating the end of the SAG/AFTRA strike and a return to work in Hollywood, but instead, he is as he is mourning the death of his baby girl.

Björnsson and his wife, Kelsey Henson, announced on Instagram on Friday, November 10, 2023, that their daughter, Grace Morgan Hafthorsdottir, had been born two days earlier, just 21 1/2 weeks into Henson’s pregnancy. 

In the post, which was shared by both parents, Henson wrote, “After a noticeable decrease in movement we found out her heart had stopped beating.”

She was stillborn. Her birth was also her death. The first time mom and dad got to see her was also the last. Henson explained, “Words cannot describe our pain of this loss or our happiness at being able to spend time with our daughter. She is absolutely beautiful, with blonde lashes and brows and a little smile for mom and dad. The love we feel for her is overwhelming. The grief we feel will be with us forever but so will the love.”

Henson also shared multiple pictures from the sad day her daughter was born, including a few pictures of her daughter.


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Henson and Björnsson have been married since 2018. It was just in October that Björnsson announced that Henson was pregnant.

Watch the video below to learn more about Henson and Björnsson’s relationship and this recent loss in their family.

In Henson and Björnsson’s social media post, they asked for fans to respect their privacy, and they also thanked their followers “for any kind words and support.” Many of their followers have flooded the comments with their own similar stories and words of encouragement. For example, one person wrote, “It is such a profound loss I truly feel for you and your family and know that your baby will always be with you wherever life takes you.”