Twitter User Blows Minds With Game-Changing Sandwich Hack

@lantern_utp via Twitter

Sandwiches are arguably one of the best things to eat for lunch. Ham and cheese? Roast beef? Turkey? We’ve never met a sandwich we didn’t like.

The only problem with sandwiches are how messy they can be. Ever go to bite into one and all of the ingredients just spill out onto the plate? You’ve got a mouthful of bread in your mouth as you hastily try to save the lettuce, tomatoes, olives and whathaveyou with no avail.

What if we told you there was a way to ensure all of the ingredients stayed inside the sandwich when you went to take a bite?

The hack was disocovered by Twitter user @lantern_utp, who shared how it works in a series of photos.

“When making a sandwich, if you wrap the ingredients in ham or lettuce as shown in the picture, it won’t spill,” she posted.


The photos show the slices of meat—in her case, it was ham—are strategically placed on each side of the bread so that it’s mostly hanging off. You then place the rest of your ingredients in the center.

Next, fold up the pieces of meat on top of the rest. The meat now has a so barrier to keep the other ingredients from falling out. Put the top piece of bread on and bam—the ham walls are keeping everything inside so you can truly get a bite with everything—in your mouth that is, and not on the plate below you!

This is seriously the most genius thing we’ve seen all day. And apparently, we’re not the only ones who are so amazed by this. The tweet blew up with nearly 185,000 likes and nearly 50,000 retweets.

“This has just blown my mind,” someone said.

“A discovery that is too amazing,” another person commented.

Another person realized that there are even more benefits than just no ingredients falling out: “ With ham, the oil repels water, so you can save the trouble of applying butter to bread!” they said.

One other person realized that the hack works for virtually any type of sandwich, including eggs. Check it out below:

We don’t think we’ll ever make a sandwich another way again!

Have you heard of this tip or ever made a sandwich like this before? Do you have any sandwich hacks you’d like to share? What are your favorite ingredients to put in a sandwich?