Chip And Joanna Gaines Just Built A New House, And It’s Oh So Charming

It seems like we have a hard enough time keeping up with the Jones’ these days, but what about keeping up with the Gaines’? The dynamic couple, of Fixer Upper fame, has had a lot going on these past few months, what with welcoming a baby boy, planning their own TV network, and even releasing a children’s book.

While we will, admittedly, consume pretty much anything created by the Gaines, our favorite part of their brand is still their home renovation business. Call us purists, but it’s what we love!

Take this amazing farmhouse in Waco listed for sale by Magnolia Reality, for example. It has many of the Gaines’ signature looks, including a large, open floor plan with a light neutral color palette and exquisite French oak wood floors that really make the interior area feel extra cozy. The kitchen is packed with fancy appliances atop its marble vanity tops. Unsurprisingly, the home features custom cabinetry throughout (these are the Gaines after all!).  

Seem like a dream house to you? If so, you can always head on over to Magnolia Realty and make this dream a reality!

The Gaines have become an American success story adored by all, but what we love most about them is that they never stray far from their roots. 

What the Gaines Have Been Up to Since ‘Fixer Upper’

The Gaines have been hard at work building up their Magnolia Home and realty business since their hugely popular show HGTV show, Fixer Upper, came to an end last year. Their new baby boy, Crew, is already six months old! The dynamic duo is also working with Discovery to launch their own branded network that is sure to be filled with all the home improvement tips we could ask for.  

And, in addition to being a mother of five adorable kids, Joanna Gaines has also somehow found time to write another book!  “We Are the Gardeners” is actually the fourth book from the Gaines, and it features gorgeous hand-drawn illustrations.

Talk about an impressive family! We’d love to hear your thoughts on the Gaines’ new farmhouse. Are you a fan of it? Do you own a Magnolia Realty home? If so, do you have any tips for potential buyers?