15 Parents Who Have Been At The Mercy Of Their Fussy Eater Kids Share Their Woes

dolanh via Flickr

If your kid is a picky eater, you know the struggle. The struggle of trying to get them to just take one bite. The struggle of bribing them with dessert. The struggle of worrying about them getting enough to eat.

Don’t worry—fussy eating is pretty common among little ones. So if you’re sick of making macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets for the tenth time this week, know that you’re not alone. Here are 15 parents who shared some hilariously relatable tweets regarding their kids’ picky eating habits. Enjoy!

  1. Always Throwing Food Away

  2. Or Seeing it Turn Up Again

  3. They Never Like Anything Home Made

  4. Their Preferences Are Strange

  5. Always Asking for Snacks After Meals

  6. So Many Tears

  7. . They Hate Something They Liked Last Week

  8. You Reevaluate Your Career

  9. You Succumb to Questionable Measures

  10. They Live Off a Select Few Items

  11. So Much Ketchup and Cheese

  12. They’re Literally Never Satisfied

  13. It’s Just One Big Joke Now

  14. God Forbid You Try to Hide a Veggie

  15. You’re Already Thinking of Revenge

Do you have a picky eater? How do you deal? Share your most relatable anecdote!