15 of Our Favorite Funny Signs Posted By This Local Gas Station

Wallingford Sign via Facebook

Many businesses use their outdoor signs in common, dare we say, boring ways. They use the signs to spell out things like their current promotions and operating hours. Then there are businesses who think outside the box when it comes to their signs. They get a little bit more creative.

One gas station in Seattle has been writing clever messages on their sign for years. Why? Because they can, and because is makes people smile. They really seem to like puns. Some of the messages make us roll our eyes more than laugh, but others are definitely worth sharing.

You don’t have to live in Seattle to enjoy the clever messages either. The Wallingford Chevron gas station posts pictures of their sign on Facebook and Twitter. If you could use a laugh, scroll down to enjoy 15 of our favorite funny messages on the famous Wallingford sign.


  1. Impeccable

  2. Cookies

  3. What’s Your Name?

  4. Windows

  5. Don’t Panic

  6. Pun Intended

  7. Face Mask Humor

  8. Did You Know Your Gym Closed?

  9. Bald Jokes

  10. Time for a Change

  11. You Decide

  12. Come Here, Mayo

  13. Marriage Humor

  14. Science Humor

  15. Time for a Nap