Amazing Effects of Heat Waves


We all love a good “hot girl summer,” right? It’s a time for elegant espadrilles, beautiful bikinis, and pretty little pinacoladas. Sometimes, though, that “hot girl summer” gets a little too hot and the results of that heat can be dramatic! To prepare ourselves for the next upcoming heat wave, we’ve scoured the internet for all of the most memorable “heat wave” pics from the last wave in June. Check ’em out!

  1. Not a Pupsicle, But A Catsicle!

    Look at those cool cats!

  2. Time to Doggy Paddle!

    Guess the heat can bring out the best in people, like this person offering free kiddie pools for warm puppies!

  3. Cool Canine in a Carriage

    Honestly, buddy, same. If this was an option for me, it would be the ONLY transportation I used.

  4. Hot Dog Hot Pot

    Feel like you’re really getting the best of American and South East Asian food here, with this Hot Dog in a Hot Pot..

  5. Drinkin’ Like a Lizzard

    That’s a phrase, isn’t it? If not, it should be! This lil guy seems to be enjoying himself.

  6. The Hottest Tattoo

    Woof. Now that’s one hot tatt!

  7. When Pigs Swim!

    Pigs flying doesn’t seem so far-fetched now that we’ve seen pigs swim! Anything to cool down, I guess!

  8. Flip Slop

    Great news! “Sorry I was late, I melted to the sidewalk,” is now a valid excuse!

  9. A Well-Done Complaint

    Now this is some serious dedication to show proof of unsuitable working conditions! I am a big fan of the high drama and high protein snack combo!

  10. Too Hot to Handle

    Literally, this handle was too hot to handle so they had to cover it up to prevent people from being burned. Wild!

  11. So Hot It’s Nuts!

    It doesn’t take a lot for me to feel so done with the day. But for a squirrel to give up like this? It’s gotta be H O T.

  12. Not a Fan of the Heat

    Now, this is just sad! If it’s hot enough to melt the fan, it’s definitely hot enough to NEED the fan. Oof.

  13. The Hottest Lawnmowing Tech

    Bad news! “It’s too hot to do chores” is no longer a valid excuse!

  14. One Cool Kid

    “I’m too warm.” Can’t say I blame you, kiddo. I’ll be in the second fridge in the garage.

  15. FahrenHEAT

    Me: That’s the perfect weather for a perf- Me, realizing that is in Celsius and is roughly 153F: NO THANK YOU!

  16. “Runny” Bears

    This once was a jar of gummy bears; now it resembles something more akin to the BLOB than a bear.

  17. Car-Made Cookies

    Homemade cookies can’t be beat! But who wants to turn the oven on in 118 degree heat? Introducing – Carmade cookies!

  18. “Furnace Creek” Indeed

    I am NOT loving how high that number is on the sign. I AM loving how aptly named the place is- it is truly a furnace!

  19. That’s Pretty Amoosing!

    What an amusing moose! When it’s THIS hot out, they’ll take whatever water in whatever way they can!


Do you remember any of these from June? Which is your favorite ‘weird way’ to keep cool? How do you plan to ride out the next heatwave?