15 People Share the Funniest Outcomes of ‘Wrong Number’ Text Messages

SoloIsGodly via Reddit

Ever accidentally send a text message to a wrong number? Chances are, they either told you that you have the wrong number or never texted you back. But sometimes when people receive the wrong text, they find it as an opportunity to make it memorable.

Not sure what we mean? We’ll let them speak for themselves. Here are some of the most hilarious outcomes of “wrong number” text messages.

  1. An Elder Dating Connection

  2. An Arrestable Offence

  3. You Are Worthy

  4. Freakin’ Jake

  5. It was Nice to Be Called Beautiful


  6. Can I Join Your Cult?

  7. I Won’t Ask You Again Jamaal

  8. Good Apology

  9. Solid Recommendations, Mon


  10. One of Our Nicest House Cats

  11. Do You Swim?


  12. So, his Isn’t Grant?


  13. You’re Fired

  14. You Got This, Man

  15. A Llama in a Lobster Costume

How funny are these wrong-number texts? What’s the funniest wrong number text you ever received, and how did you respond?