17 Funky Nail Trends That are Going to Be Huge This Fall

Personal question: are your nails “fall ready?” What? Don’t you know what constitutes a “fall ready” manicure?

Well, to be honest, we don’t quite know what “fall ready” nails are either! Back in the day, a “fall ready” manicure would entail something along the lines of dark colors, understated nudes, and, perhaps, the odd leaf nail art design thrown in for good measure.

Boring, right?

Lucky for all of us, the top nail artists of Instagram are currently redefining what it means to express your mood through your manicure–and, boy, are some of their designs incredible! Today, we’re showing you 17 of the hottest, newest, and all-around funkiest nail trends that are going to be hitting this fall.

Take a look at these nails…You have to see them believe them!

  1. Bejeweled nails inspired by the changing leaves

    This rich manicure is saturated with rich hues of red, orange, and purple. The elegant jewel near the cuticle really seals the deal for us!

  2. Maroon-colored cat claws

    The shade may be typical “fall,” but the length…Well, the length is a whole other beast!

  3. Sparkly, orange creamsicles

    Halloween-themed nails usually only look good on Halloween, but this manicure is oddly chic. Heck, we would even sport this beauty in the spring!

  4. Barbie-pink with an edge

    Fall’s a transitional time, which means that you can totally get away with flaunting some hot pink–if it’s paired with a jet-black, leopard-print lacquered design, of course…

  5. Apple orchard ombre

    These apple-picking-inspired nails will bring some serious edge to your fall family photos. It’s like pastel goth, but just a tad creepier!

  6. Granite-inspired sophistication

    Pining for a classic nail that still shows off your badass side? If so, then the granite nail is for you!

  7. The pierced manicure

    Your eyes are not deceiving you–those nails are actually “pierced.” How avant-garde is that manicure?!

  8. Technicolor dream design

    Fall doesn’t have to be dark! Instead add a smorgasbord of taupes, bright blues, yellows, and blacks for optimal fall manicure satisfaction.

  9. Nail artwork of art

    Actress Portia Doubleday flaunted these MOCA-inspired nails on her Instagram feed recently. A work of art, indeed!

  10. 3D and holographic stunners

    Add some trippiness to your fall with these acrylic, holographic beauties!

  11. Bright, bold designs

    Cross-hatch designs with classic hot pinks, shocking whites, and shiny black hues? Yes, please!

  12. Cellophane claws

    Sure, these might look more Christmas-y, but swap out the colors for an orange and red and you’ll be fall-ready!

  13. Everything but the kitchen sink

    See, fall can be fun, too!

  14. Wavy gravy madness

    Groovy yellow nails that somehow go with any outfit? Amazing stuff!

  15. Braces nails

    We said these trends would be kooky! Would you wear these braces-inspired claws?

  16. Clear, glossy statement nails

    Never have basic nails said so much!

  17. Textured wonders

    Want to take those pierced nails even further? If so, the textured nail is the one for you!

We’d love to hear your take on these fall nail trends! Which manicure from this list is your favorite? Which one are you going to try first? Do you have any tips for achieving a salon-quality manicure at home?