13 People Share the Most Frightening Things That Have Happened to Them While Home Alone

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Why is it that when you’re home alone, all of the scary things happen? Perhaps you’re just on edge when there’s no one home to protect you, but you could swear there are more loud noises or weird shadows than there typically are.

Sometimes, however, it’s not just your imagination, and terrifying things really do happen. You’re not alone if they seem to happen more often when you’re home alone.

In one Reddit thread, people share the scariest things that have happened to them while they’ve been by themselves. (Warning: Don’t read these at night—or when you’re home alone for that matter!)

  1. Baby “Nightmares”

    “I was babysitting a kid who had a video monitor and was told that she wouldn’t wake up while the parents were out and if she did to call them right away. I was watching tv with the monitor set off to the side to keep an eye on her and right around 11, the cameras view shifted a few inches. It then began to slightly jiggle like someone was messing with it. I was squinting at it trying to decide what I was actually seeing, and I kid you not, the whole screen burst to static for a few seconds, and the kid started WALING. She stood up and was screaming in her crib just like one of the kids from the sims. When she didn’t fall back asleep after a few minutes I called mom and she said, “Okay were on our way home anyway. We think she has nightmares sometimes it’s fine. Never again.”

  2. An Unwelcome Visitor

    “One day while I was working afternoons a couple years back I woke up at around 10am and started to watch American Dad before getting up. Next thing you know I hear my back door open. A normal thing in our home since we only use the back door. But no one was supposed to be home yet. I assumed it was my mom and didn’t think anything of it. Then I heard footsteps coming up the stairs as my bedroom was on the second floor. I call out to my mom and get no response. Then my door cracks open and a head pops in. It’s a 30ish year old man with a blonde beard and a big mane of greasy hair who looks shocked to see me. At the time I was about 260lbs 6’3 and 20 years old (m). I was also sitting in only my boxers. Before I was able to realize what was happening he asked “is this the ____ residence” to which I reply “no?” . He makes a swift exit and before I can recollect my thoughts he’s not even in my driveway. Talked to a family friend who is a veteran police officer turns out a man has been pulling this kind of stunt to rob people in nearby towns.”

  3. Neighborhood Watch

    “I moved into our house a month before my husband did and I was painting our guest room with the windows wide open. I was busy painting, listening to music when I realized it had gotten dark outside. I heard the leaves crunching outside but didn’t think anything of it because we have a lot of neighbors who walk their dogs. When I went to close the windows I saw a man standing in my backyard under the tree maybe 5 feet from our back door staring up at me. I fell to the floor and realized the back glass door was probably open and nothing but the screen which he could have easily just walked into my house. Crawled to my phone and called my husband who then called 911 while rushing home to me. We have a 6 ft tall fence around our yard, this person hopped it to watch me. I couldn’t sleep right at night for months.”

  4. The Pizza Fairy

    “When I was like 9 my parents were both at work one day and I was chilling at home by myself when the intercom rang (we lived in an apartment block). It was some lady asking if I’ve ordered a pizza. I calmly told her that I didn’t. Then she said, “Oh… Well, do you want a free pizza? Just let me in and I’ll give it to you.”

  5. Hammer Launcher

    “When I was like 14, I was home alone one night around 10pm stood in my kitchen making some cereal. It’s dark outside and then all of a sudden the loudest sound. Some drunk woman literally launched a hammer through my kitchen window. Was so loud and glass was everywhere. I followed her down the street whilst calling the police. Pretty strange.”

  6. Fence Hopper

    “One day I was working [from home], and out of the corner of my eye I noticed some movement in my backyard. There was a man jumping over my fence into my backyard. Panicked, I call my then boyfriend now fiancé and tell him what is happening. While I’m on the phone with him, I get a knock at my front door. It’s a woman from Century Link informing me that technicians will need access to my backyard. I tell her someone just jumped over my fence so I think they’re already there. Way to give me a heart attack, Century Link.”

  7. An Explosion

    “One evening an explosion at a petrochemical plant (located a mile from my house) blew out the double window in my living room while I was in the room. I definitely thought we were being bombed until I remembered where I live.”

  8. Disappearing Candle

    “I lit 2 long taper candles for some ambiance while I was playing guitar late at night. I was facing the other direction looking out the window while playing and shortly later turned around and went back towards the candles and discovered one of them was completely gone. The stand was still there, but no melted wax, just a bare candle holder and the other one was still lit and no shorter than it was when I lit them. It was almost 3am and I was so terrified that I got in my car and left and drove to my dad’s house.”

  9. Unlatching Tongs

    “You know those tongs in the kitchen that have a spring but a latch to keep them together. I had a pair of those and I put the latch on and put them down on the counter. I went away for a bit and came back and then they jumped off the counter at me. Biggest jump scare of my life. The latch had come undone and they sprung open. But in the millisecond when inanimate objects suddenly come to life and jump at you don’t realize this and totally freak out.”

  10. A Hulk-Like Break-In

    “Somebody tried to break into the house while I was by myself. The whole place was quiet and dark at nighttime. I walked past the front door to go upstairs for bed, and the handle suddenly started jerking around like The Hulk was trying to get in. Then whoever it was started to either kick or shoulder the door, and it was making the whole frame jiggle. I completely froze and my mind went blank. Just standing there like an idiot and staring.”

  11. A Hazy Robber

    “I was asleep and home alone. When I turned over in bed, I casually opened my eyes a little whilst turning and they were shut again just as quickly. In that split second, I could have sworn I had seen a man stood at the bottom of my bed. I laid still. Awake with my eyes closed. Trying not to act like I was awake and trying to listen for any sound in the room of someone breathing or moving. Couldn’t hear anything. I was too scared to open my eyes and look, consoled myself that there wasn’t any way someone could have gotten in without me hearing a window smash and fell back asleep. When I got up in the morning though the front door was open. They didn’t take anything and left no signs of being there. Was still very very creepy though.”

  12. A Fluffy Intruder

    “My roommates were out of town and my dog started growling in the middle of the night at something at the end of a dark hallway. She never behaved like that so I was genuinely freaked out. Then I started hearing noises coming from my kitchen on the other side of the house. I was fully convinced someone was in there so like any idiot in a movie I got a flashlight and a weapon and went to investigate. As soon as the flashlight hit the kitchen area something freaked out and knocked a bunch of stuff over. I was terrified and then my flashlight hit the culprit. A huge raccoon had snuck through the doggy door and was eating my dog’s food in the kitchen. We made eye contact and it immediately fled outside.”

  13. Mucinex Gone Wrong

    “I had a really bad sinus infection once. Couldn’t clear my system out for a week or more. Decided to try generic Mucinex. I lost three days. I came to, standing in the middle of my studio apartment staring at the wall. I could barely remember anything. Just felt like I was a passenger in my body kind of. I had worked all three of those days. Piloted public transport, cooked, translated stuff, used knives. All in this weird fugue state. When I came to I spent a good hour at 3 in the morning trying to figure out what happened, what caused it. The only thing I had done differently was trying to clear up sinus infection with the meds. Poured those right in the toilet, and it never happened again. It was terrifying for me. The pure and utter confusion.”

What’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you while you were home alone?