French Fry Travel Hack

hellthyjunkfood via TikTok

When we go on a road trip, or even when we’re just in a hurry and driving across town, we sometimes go through a drive thru and eat our food in the car. When you’re a passenger in a car, it’s not all that difficult to eat a burger and fries while the car is moving, but if you’re the driver, it can get a little bit more complicated.

Most cars have cup holders, and that’s great for your water bottle or travel coffee cup, but where are you supposed to put your food while you’re driving? Digging through a bag while navigating traffic, doesn’t sound safe to us. It sounds like distracted driving and sounds potentially just as dangerous as texting and driving.

One smart fry lover came up with a genius way to safely eat french fries in the car while driving and without having to dig through a paper bag. The hack means you’ll need to make a special request at the drive thru, but as seen in this video demonstration, the fast food employees seem happy enough to make this special request happen.

Watch the video below to see this french fry travel hack for yourself.

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Wow, right? What a genius way to use the cup holder! It makes us wonder what other fast food we could put in a large cup. Chicken nuggets come to mind.

We’re not the only ones who are impressed with this simple but genius idea. Many other viewers are loving this video too. One person commented, “fast food companies gone take your idea and charge 5xs the amount.”

Not everyone thought this hack was a great idea specifically because the fries in this video were put in a plastic cup instead of a paper cup. One comment reads, “Smart way to get more fries and easier to eat however I couldn’t help but think of the plastic cup leaching from the hot fries.”

Then there are the people who think this guy just got lucky that the employees actually humored him with this hack. One viewer wrote, “Wow that mc Donald’s has great employees the people where I’m from gonna say ‘Nah we don’t do dat ma’am.'”

Then other viewers think the easy solution would have been just to put the container the fries usually comes in inside the cup holder. One comment reads, “You know the large fry box fits in the cup holder as well. Minus the hassle for the employees.”

Do you think this french fry hack is a good idea?