Frank the Gargoyle Has Raised Over $330K For Local Charities After Receiving Nasty Notes from ‘Karen’

WDTN 2 News

When Denise Starr put a Santa hat on a gargoyle on her front porch, she had no idea it would end up escalating into a huge spat with her neighbor, who she refers to as Karen. Karen didn’t like the gargoyle and thought it was not an appropriate Christmas decoration. She wanted Denise to remove the gargoyle from her porch.

Denise didn’t care what Karen thought about her gargoyle. She liked it and ended up adding to the display. She posted pictures of her porch on Facebook, and the posts quickly went viral with many people following the drama surrounding Frank the gargoyle. He ended up surrounded by hippos, skeletons and even another gargoyle.

Denise didn’t take Frank the gargoyle off her porch after Christmas. In fact, she has decorated her porch for each season and holiday, and Frank has always remained part of the decor.

This story is about more than just a neighbor disliking another neighbor’s choice of decor. Frank the gargoyle has actually raised over $330,000 for charity. It all started with donations to the local food bank. Frank raised over $50,000 in just a few days. He has also raised money for charities including Crayons to Classrooms, House of Bread, Hospice of Dayton and The Cincinnati Zoo. Watch the video below for all the details.

You can follow the adventures of Frank the gargoyle on Facebook where Denise posts pictures of her porch and other relevant news.

How would you react if a neighbor complained about your decor? Does it surprise you that a gargoyle could raise money for charity? How do you think Denise will decorate her porch for Halloween?