Fox News Anchor Announces Sad News On The Air

@JulieBanderas via Twitter

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, and that has many people talking about their plans for the upcoming holiday. For some, it might be a traditional date night with their significant other complete with a box of chocolates and a bouquet of roses. For others, it might be a get-together with friends to celebrate love without that love having to be romantic. Some people are going to be glad when Valentine’s Day is over and will treat the day as any other day, trying to ignore it as much as possible.

Fox News anchor Julie Banderas was on “Gutfeld” last night, and the topic was Valentine’s Day. When it came her turn to discuss her feelings about the day, she decided to let slip some “breaking news.” She started by calling the holiday “stupid” and then said, “I mean, even when I was married, I didn’t get shit.”

Her statement left host Greg Gutfeld slightly confused for a second. Banderas has been married to Andrew Sansone for 13 years. This is the first time she had mentioned anything about not being married.

Banderas clarified, “I am going to get a divorce. I am going to go ahead and say it here for the first time.” 

Everyone on the show wondered if they should make a collective “awww” sound at Banderas’ news, but she reassured them that it was good news. She said, “Thank you, everyone. Congratulations are in order.” She also wanted to make sure everyone caught that her revelation was “breaking news.”

Banderas proceeded to bash the holiday calling it a “Hallmark holiday” and she ended her rant telling viewers, “Guys, if you are going to get your girl flowers, don’t bring them to her in a box.” She added, “I don’t want anything that’s alive in a box. If you come to me in a box, you better be dead.” Ouch.

See Banderas drop her “breaking news” for yourself below.

Do you agree with Banderas that Valentine’s Day is a “Hallmark holiday”? How do you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day?