For a Caffeine Fix, It’s Now Possible to Get Coca-Cola With Coffee

Looking for an extra boost? You can now get your caffeine fix (and then some) thanks to Coca-Cola!

The company has just released a drink that will have java lovers drooling. The highly anticipated Coca-Cola with Coffee is now available for the first time in the U.S. 

The innovative beverage “sips like a Coke and finishes like a coffee,” according to the company. The “refreshment coffee” is sure to bring a bit of revitalization to a busy day, packing 69 mg of caffeine per 12-oz. can. 

“We’re focusing our innovation efforts on doing what Coca-Cola has always stood for and does best – which is to deliver emotional and functional uplift – in bigger, bolder, more differentiated ways,” said Brandan Strickland, brand director, Coca-Cola Trademark. “Coca-Cola with Coffee is a true hybrid innovation that provides the perfect solution for that mid-afternoon pick-me-up we all want, especially in today’s work-from-home environment. We’re fulfilling this need state and occasion in a uniquely Coca-Cola way.”

According to Strickland, the hybrid beverage is a great choice for people who find themselves stuck deciding what to drink for their afternoon pick-me-up.

“Many people are often torn between reaching for a soft drink or a coffee at 3 p.m. at work, at school, or on the go,” he said. “Now, you don’t need to leave Coca-Cola to get your coffee fix.”

The product was first released in Japan in 2018, with the U.S. being the 50th country to launch the product. The beverage is reportedly tweaked slightly with each release to meet local tastes. There are a few different offerings in the U.S. that are sure to tickle your tastebuds — including zero-sugar options. 

“While other categories including energy drinks have ventured into zero-sugar territory, RTD coffee hasn’t because many offerings are dairy-based,” Strickland said. “So we see this as a major whitespace opportunity.”

Consumers can choose between Coca-Cola with Coffee Zero Sugar – Dark Blend and Coca-Cola with Coffee Zero Sugar – Vanilla, as well as the classic option. 

The Coca-Cola company is no stranger to releasing creative products. The U.S. has seen Coke Energy/Coke Energy Cherry, Orange Vanilla Coke, and Cherry Vanilla Coke. Each option was also available in zero-sugar form. The company says it derives its ideas through experimental research, gathering feedback before releasing new rollouts.

Preliminary testing showed more than 80% of people who tried Coca-Cola with Coffee said they would purchase it once it hit shelves. According to Strickland, the flavor of the cross-category beverage sells itself.

“This is a beverage that’s truly meant to be tasted,” Strickland said.

Have you tried Coca-Cola’s new offering? If so, what did you think? Let us know if this is a beverage you’ll be purchasing once you see it in stores