Supreme Court Rules In Favor of Praying Football Coach


Another decision passed down by the Supreme Court of the United States is causing waves. Not nearly as big of waves as their decision to overturn Roe V Wade, but this decision absolutely follows the same line of “logic,” regardless of what your personal beliefs are. It’s all about religion. Specifically, though, it’s all about Christianity.

A “local” high school football coach was fired recently for refusing to stop praying out in the field with his players after the games. While his lawyers based their case off of the ideas of freedom of speech and freedom of religion, the school district cited the separation of church and state as the reason for this being inappropriate and needing to be stopped.

If you want to hear more of the specifics on this story, you can check out the news coverage here.  

A quick skim of the comments on this video reveal the truly split-in-two nature of the current political climate in the United States. Many people are offering up their support of this decision with a simple “amen,” only backing up the fact that this is a religious issue. Others point to the specificity of the religion, by asking that we consider how this would go if the coach were of a different religious background. For example, would the Supreme Court of the United States still have ruled in favor if the coach had a prayer rug or prayed to a different deity.

While there’s not much use in speculating on “what about if,” these kinds of questions are important to keep us alert and hopefully more in-tune to what decisions are being made and why.What do you think? Do you agree with the ruling? Why or why not?