6 Delicious Foot Soaks to Make Your Feet Feel Fabulous

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Experiencing uncomfortable foot pain or fatigue? If so, know that the tight, uncomfortable, sore feeling can come on for a variety of reasons.

Maybe you have a physically demanding job and you’re not wearing supportive footwear. Perhaps you overdid it at the gym last night. Or it could have also been from that 14-hour trip to Disney— you know, the one where you looped the entire park 25 times while wearing flip-flops?

Yeah, not the best call in the world, huh?

While the pain might be a tough one, the good news is that there are plenty of DIY ways you can get those barking dogs to feel better, right in the comfort of your own home, by preparing a therapeutic foot soak.

Even better, you probably already have all of the ingredients you need in your medicine cabinet or kitchen cupboard. No need for fancy, hard-to-find ingredients here!

Doctor recommended foot soaks to make you feel fabulous

Luxuriating in a foot soak may sound like a bit of a “me-time” experience, but, according to NYC-based, board-certified podiatrist and surgeon, Dr. Johanna Youner, the baths can be very therapeutic. She says that the key is to first determine what may be going awry in the area first, before you settle on your foot soak.

We already outlined the many foot discomfort causes, but before we start the soak, we must come up with a diagnosis. If you’re feeling discomfort because you wore sky-high heels to your cousin’s wedding last night, then it’s obvious that your arches are just a bit overworked, but if you rolled your ankle during softball practice, then it may be an injury that needs professional care.

Once you have either a self-diagnosis or professional diagnosis that lines up with your pain and discomfort, it’s time for you to select the foot soak that works best for you.

When it comes to minor injuries, such as sprains or even toe pain, Dr. Younes recommends, a classic Epsom salt soak. Generally, you will want to soak for 20 minutes to an hour in warm water. If you’ve confirmed that the injury is muscle-related, you can always add some ultra-relaxing lavender essential oil to the mix.

If an unpleasant odor is your issue, go the all-natural route with a vinegar, garlic clove, or alcohol-based foot soak. When the odor is coming from excessive perspiration, the doctor recommends a tannic acid-rich Domeboro soak.

Pretty nifty tips, huh?

Now that you know about how some of these common ingredients can be blended for optimal foot comfort and freshness, it’s time to get the full list of the 6 therapeutic foot soaks for yourself. Watch the video below to meet Dr. Johanna Youner and learn more about what these ultra-effective foot soaks can do for your feet. We can’t wait to get our tootsies soaking!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these doctor-recommended foot soaks. Have you tried any of these before? Which ingredients work best for you? Do you have any advice for preventing foot pain?