15 People Share the Foods They Can’t Believe Other People Actually Like

netfalls via Deposit Photos

When it comes to food, no two people like all of the exact same foods. While there are certainly many foods that are liked by a lot of people, there are others that aren’t as popular, yet those who like those foods really seem to like them a lot.

Some people prefer sweet foods while others like their food very salty. Some people are huge fans of pumpkin spice while others want mint chocolate everything. 

Some people dislike certain foods just as strongly as others like them, and they’re explaining their dislike on Reddit. Reddit user Qu11r3x asked the community, “What food do you swear people only pretend to like?”

The answers vary greatly, and there’s a chance that something you actually enjoy eating is on this list. Scroll down to discover 15 foods that some people really don’t like. You might want to avoid serving these foods at your next big gathering (you know, once the pandemic is over).

  1. “Local Delicacy”

    Reddit user Aurora_Fatalis wrote:

    Anything that’s classified as a “local delicacy”.There’s usually a reason it’s remained local.

  2. Jello Salad

    Written by Reddit user Altrano:

    Some of the Jello salads out there. Green Jello with carrots (and sometimes raisins) is an abomination. Also, whatever the hell my mom used to make with cottage cheese and orange jello.My family had this weird notion that if you put healthy stuff in Jello that it was a side dish and not a dessert. Nope, you just ruined two foods by making unnatural combinations with them. Mom never did come across a Jello recipe that she thought was a bad idea though.

  3. Jellied Eels

    Shared by Iarmuman:

    Oh yeah jellied eels.mmm shit flavoured fish wrapped in some nasty gelatinous slime.

  4. Chitlins

    Added by SwordTaster:

    Chitlins. Seriously, it’s intestines sorta cleaned and cooked. That’s it.

  5. Hot Lettuce

    Mice_Stole_My_Cookie wrote:

    Ever hear of hot lettuce? The shit smells like a tire fire.

  6. Cilantro

    Added by StCecilia98:

    I have the soap gene for cilantro, so I had my fiancé try a bit (raw) to tell me what it tasted like. Does it really just taste like grass for people without my curse?

  7. Limburger cheese

    Shared by Dante_Marco:

    Limburger cheese, it smells and tastes like sweaty feet

  8. Durian Tea

    glowything added:

    Durian. The smell of some durian tea from an ex coworker led to everyone in my (then) office thinking there was a gas leak.

  9. Raw Eggs

    Shared by factchecker8515:

    Raw eggs. There’s bound to be a better way to cure a hangover.

  10. Popcorn with Ketchup

    Another example from itsYnock:

    Popcorn with ketchup… I don’t even want to talk about it

  11. Snails

    thatbrunettegirl10 wrote:

    Snails. Had them. Nothing thrilling, it’s all about the butter and garlic oil.

  12. Liver Pudding

    Written by thegavin12:

    liver pudding yes it is a real thing

  13. Caviar

    Shared by Raspberries-Are-Evil:

    Caviar. Id like some salt paste please for $100 a scoop…

  14. Grape Nuts

    Added by danbo_the_manbo:

    Grape nuts. If I wanted that texture and no flavor I would go outside and chew on gravel

  15. Marmite

    Portarossa wrote:

    Marmite.There’s literally a series of adverts made by the company where the whole premise is ‘This shit tastes so terrible that even the slightest scraping will make you vomit.’ They’re not even pretending anymore. It’s not a food as much as it is an inter-office dare to see just what nasty bullshit they can convince people to eat.