15 People Share Their Takes On Whether Food Service Or Retail is the More Toxic Gig

Jeffrey Smith via Flickr

Many companies are having trouble finding people who are willing to work for minimum wage. Maybe that’s because a lot of those minimum wage jobs have pretty toxic work environments. We’ve heard of both a Burger King restaurant and a Family Dollar store where the employees all quit and posted a sign to customers that read, “sorry for the inconvenience.”

Burger King and Family Dollar aren’t exactly similar places to work. One is a fast food restaurant commonly known for burgers and a drive-thru. The other is a store where people buy a wide range of things for a dollar. In both cases the work environment was quite toxic, but was one worse than the other?

Twitter user @bluehoodiebaby tweeted one sentence that has sparked a big debate about who has it worse, people who work in retail or food service. The question was simple. “If you have worked in food service AND retail which is worse?” Twitter did not disappoint with the responses. 

Scroll down to see why some people feel strongly that food service has it worse and why others are positive that retail is the most toxic work environment.

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