New Details Have Emerged About the Florida Building Collapse As Death Toll Keeps Rising


On Thursday morning, around 1:30am, residents of a condominium in Surfside, Florida, woke up to the sound of fire alarms. They felt the ground tremble, but it wasn’t an earthquake. Part of the building was collapsing. The condo is 13 stories tall, and one side of the building fell to the ground becoming a pile of debris with residents trapped inside.

Rescuers have found a few bodies in the rubble, but there are still 152 people who are missing. Rescuers hope that there are pockets in the rubble where people may still be alive. The search mission is precarious and time consuming, yet any survivors need to be rescued quickly. It’s a delicate and stressful situation.

Watch the video below for the latest information about this tragedy, and hear an update from the Mayor of Surfside, Florida.

CNN reports that a town official received reports that the building had “major structural damage” in November 2018. Just two days after receiving this information, he told residents that the building was safe. It is unclear what if any repairs were made to the building since the structural damage report in 2018.

On Sunday afternoon, family members of residents who are missing after the building collapse were able to tour the area. Approximately 100 families took part in a private tour of the site.

The building that collapsed has two towers, Champlain Towers North and Champlain Towers South. The North tower is what collapsed. Residents of the South tower can’t help but wonder if it is safe to continue to live there. The South tower is basically identical to the North tower. It does not appear to be damaged in the collapse, but it is easy to assume that if one tower had structural damage the other might too.

Would you feel safe living in Champlain Towers South? Do you think rescuers will find survivors?