Millions are Under Flood Threat After Violent Tornadoes Tore Through 4 States

Mother Nature has been on a tear lately. At least 21 tornadoes were reported so far across parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas that occurred from Monday, May 20 to Tuesday, May 21. And it doesn’t look like the weather is slowing down very soon.

Warnings for the central Plains, Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, and parts of Texas and Louisiana have been issued warnings for more severe weather on May 21 and on. Weather reports are predicting 2-5 inches of rainfall to occur over the next few days, as well as high winds and hail. There’s also the threat for more tornadoes for southern Missouri and northern Arkansas.

Due to so much rain, a serious flooding threat has developed across Oklahoma City and Tulsa; Wichita, Kansas; and Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri, affecting around 17 million in these areas. Severe river flooding, including along the Mississippi River, is also expected.

The Oklahoma tornado hit around the Tulsa International Airport. Thankfully, no severe damage was reported, besides a large amount of debris being dispersed into the air. However, there are major flood warnings. “We’re seeing reports of flooding and water rescues across (northeast) Oklahoma,” state emergency management spokeswoman Keli Cain told CNN Tuesday morning.

The local police department cautions that for everyone’s safety, people should stay inside and move to higher ground—and especially not to drive. Most roads are being closed off due to excessive flooding, and most schools will remain closed until the damage can be fixed.

“On top of emergency crews trying to fix power lines and other damage from the tornado, the roads are now flooding due to the intense rain.” the department said. “By trying to check out the weather you are only putting yourself and the crews in further danger.”

We’re thinking this advice would go for everyone in the affected areas! For more information on the flood warnings and how to stay safe, watch the video below.

Are you in any of these affected areas with flood warnings? We hope everyone stays safe!