‘Flip Flop Socks’ Are a Thing Now and We’re Not Sure How to Feel About It

What’s the most cringe-worthy fashion faux pas that you’ve made in your life? Was it those half-dozen, sparkly butterfly clips that you attached to your head in middle school? How about those ultra low-rise jeans that allowed you to flaunt that “whale tail” (i.e. a thong peeking out from jeans)? Or, was it something much worse than a passing trend? Was it…

…wearing socks with sandals?

If you’ve committed this fashion felony, then you know that it’s a risk that can leave you open to some seriously harsh criticism. But, fashion policing aside, we all know that rules are meant to be broken–and, that’s why we are presenting to you today, the “flip flop sock.”

Flip flop socks, otherwise known as “pedicure socks,” “toe-less socks,” and “sandal socks,” are hand knit items that are currently taking the world of Etsy by storm. Versions of the item are being sold on the retail site, but the ones we are showing you today come from a retailer by the name of OffTheHookByChrissy.

OffTheHookByChrissy has accumulated several positive reviews, singing the praises of this ultra-flexible footwear item. Reviewer Angela Clark Wallace wrote this about the unconventional socks: “I love love love my pedi socks, especially now we have been getting colder temperatures the last two weeks!!”

Well, we guess she does have a point. These flip flop socks seem to be a perfect match for those who aren’t quite ready to say ‘goodbye’ to their sandals–even when the weather dips far below summer temperatures. While we can’t say that we are completely sold on this would-be fashion trend, we do applaud its functionality.

And, of course, if you love these socks, don’t hesitate to rock them. All it takes to pull off a daring new look is confidence–even if that “daring new look” involves wearing socks with sandals!

We can’t wait to hear your take on flip flop socks. Are you a fan of the clothing item? If so, do you own a pair? What’s a fashion faux pas that you regularly make?