How to Apply Eye Makeup So It Flatters Your Eye Shape

Everything about you is unique, right down to the shape of your eyes. While this might not seem important, it’s crucial to know what your eye shape is so you can apply makeup in the most flattering way possible. In this helpful beauty tutorial brought to us by NewBeauty Magazine, you’ll learn how to apply makeup to your specific eyes to get the most beautiful results! No matter your eye shape, your eyes will be the star of the show.

  1. Hooded

    Also known as “bedroom eyes,” you know you have hooded eyes if your crease isn’t visible beneath your upper lid and/or your brow bone. This eye shape first needs a medium, natural color all over the lid to enhance the crease, and a darker powder eyeliner to open up the shape and draw the line up. Blend, and top off with a waterproof mascara, because makeup will move around with this eye type. Avoid dark colors that can emphasize the hooded shape.
  2. Monolid

    If a hooded eye hides its crease, a monolid doesn’t have a crease at all— so we use makeup to create one! Start with primer on the lid and below the eye. Use a contour eye shadow shade on the corners of the eye, making a V-shape and blending it to fake a crease. Use the same color below the eye, staying thicker and darker at the outer corner and lightening it as you move inward. Top the lid with a highlighting shape, create more shape definition with black eyeliner, and curl lashes to finish!
  3. Protruding

    For rounder, more protruding eyes, you want to visually “push” the eye back. Start with primer, then apply a matte contour shade to the lower lid. Apply eyeliner in a uniform line, then wing it out. Top with mascara, emphasizing the outer corner, and you’re all set!
  4. Downturned

    Are your eyes almond-shaped and tilted downwards? Then you have downturned eyes! Your goal is to “lift” your eyes with makeup. Start with a highlighter all over, then go in with a darker color on the outside corners and blend up to create a winged shape. Use liquid eyeliner, making the line thin toward the inside and thicker as you move out, again creating that upward wing. Blend, and apply mascara, focusing on the middle of the eyelashes.
  5. Deep Set

    Deep set eyes are exactly what they sound like: eyes that appear to be set deep in the skull. So the goal is to visually bring them forward! Start with a highlighter all over, and bring the color into the corners. Apply a cake eyeliner across the top lashline, and finish with two coats of mascara.

Which eye shape are you? How do you apply eye makeup for the best possible results? Share your tricks in the comments section below, and make sure to watch the full tutorial below for even more detailed instructions.